Welcome to Fembodiment!

Fembodiment is a global movement that aims to create community by hosting women's circles to explore our experiences of embodying femininity through practice, presence, and action.

Our women's circle is called a Fembodiment Scrum.

 When you organize or attend one, you are invited to:

Experience your body or express your voice in a new way

Share in a potluck dinner

Engage in real conversation with women who have different experiences from you

Commit to a small piece of action during the following month


Fembodiment Scrums happen on the third Saturday of each month at locations throughout the world, and are open to anyone gender-identifying as a woman. We also hold larger events that are open to all genders. By joining us online or at a Scrum or event, you are invited into our community. 

What is a Scrum?

What is that word, and how do these work?

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